Our purpose is to help animals, especially
abandoned pets and endangered wildlife through
the Captain Nemo's Quest shows and website.

Hi, Iím Robert Marquiss. Iíve always wanted to help our wildlife more.  Through the Captain Nemoís Quest for Endangered Wildlife series and the California based Marquiss Foundation I can now do this and make a difference.  These shows are targeted for a younger audience but are educational for all ages.  With your help Iíll be "visiting" different countries around the world, finding out their successful actions and helping implement them in other parts of the world.  It took a team to build our web site and I hope you will help support it and the shows with your tax deductable donations*.

To contact the Foundation, e-mail me at marquissfoundation@gmail.com,
or write to:
The Marquiss Foundation
c/o Robert Marquiss
302 N. Alexandria Ave., Suite 206
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Our shows will be a free service for the
countries and groups working to protect
and save our wildlife.  The shows are
funded by Marquiss Studios & donations
to the Marquiss Foundation, a non-profit
organization registered in California.
Please HELP:

1) Your donation is tax deductable!*
2) You may also send a check made
out to the Marquiss Foundation
to the address above.
3) We do not and never will
share your info with anyone!**
4) All funds received will go directly
to supporting endangered species –
producing this series, maintaining
our sites or forwarding the money to
groups helping endangered species.

* We'll normally e-mail you a receipt.  If you have questions,
contact us at captainnemosdonors@gmail.com.
** Except as required by law (ex: tax forms)

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